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How DiSRUPT is helping a growing B-Corp to recruit key candidates

In fast developing markets its key to have a dynamic and flexible recruitment process in place which uses all the key skills of a recruitment agency to ensure the relevant candidates for positions are identified and presented for selection. At DiSRUPT we are working with the Useful Simple Trust by helping them grow exponentially in identifying hard to find talent in a highly competitive market.

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Useful Simple Trust

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DiSRUPT On-Demand


  • Listened to the challenges both HR and the business leadership were facing
  • Embedded the confidence that we had the accreditations to support Inclusive and Sustainable ways of hiring: B Corp Certified, Planet Mark Certified, CSR Gold, Carbon footprint offsetting for all placements in their first 12 months.
  • Implemented a 5 minute video interview link for every candidate submitted answering specific questions that enable the business to know whether to interview or not.


Useful Simple Trust is a family of professional design practices driving positive, environmental/sustainable and impact change. They have a team of some of the most highly recognised and regarded professional and committed engineers, architects, designers and strategists working side by side with clients and users, to deliver valuable outcomes with positive impact. Their structure creates real value for our clients, beneficiaries and wider society.

As a B Corp™, social enterprise and employee-owned organisation they offer a unique environment that is authentically inclusive, purpose driven and fosters a culture of collaboration. Their people are highly motivated and committed to what they do because their values mean that combined success is shared equitably.

Recruitment Challenge

Identifying talent in this highly competitive market was affecting business growth and also the ability to meet client requirements. The previous on-demand recruitment process was found to be ineffective due to the lack of accountability by other recruitment agencies, that failed to understand the importance of the candidate requirements. This issue in turn meant that valuable commercial development time was spent trying to identify candidate suitability much of which was quantified at the interview and screening processes.

Coupled with this the lack of B-Corp understanding and alignment by other agencies meant that the values, purpose and brand of the Useful Simple Trust was not the key factor that was required

Our RPO Solution

As experts in being a B-Corp, the values of B-Corp and on-demand recruitment processes for scale-up organisations, we used our skill set to develop a system that not only improved the CV and candidate screening but also the interview to offer ratios considerably. Through this process we reduced the screening process from over and hour to 5 minutes by creating a process that enabled candidates to answer a set of questions that enable the business to know whether to interview or not. With this dynamic and comprehensive recruiting system in place the interview process was more focused meaning that for every 3 CV's submitted 2 applicants went to interview with 1 of every 2 being offered the position.

Our ability to align with the values of the Useful Simple Trust meant we could fully understand the challenges that both the HR and business leadership was facing. With our accreditations as a B-Corp, Planet mark Certified, CSR Gold, Carbon Neutral organisation we could advise on how to offer sustainable solutions in offsetting the carbon footprint for all placements in their first 12 months.

High Voltage Results

DiSRUPT Recruitment High Voltage Results
Improved both CV to interview and interview to offer ratios significantly; 2 in 3 submitted are interviewed and 1 in 2 are offered
We reduced the commercial downtime from CV screening to first stage interviews from over 1 hour to 5 minutes per candidate.

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Useful Simple Trust

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