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Helping B Corps, Startups and SMEs to align equality and diversity training objectives

We know the importance of ensuring every company has a focus and strategy around Diversity & Inclusion. We also understand that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start or how to continue to make progress. We are partnered with the incredible EDI Consultancy – ODiSEE to help you start your D&I journey or to compliment what you already have in place. Empower your workforce to create a more inclusive, equitable and respectful work environment. The expert-led training covers a range of topics, including recruitment and selection, policy reviews and creating EDI Strategies, providing your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate and address diversity and inclusion challenges in the workplace. Does your current recruitment partner work like this? Be more DiSRUPTive. Let’s work together for an inclusive future.

DiSRUPT Inclusion – Powered by ODiSEE

Inclusion Training for B-Corps, SMEs and Startups

DiSRUPT Inclusion – Powered by ODiSEE is a specially developed programme to help B-Corps, SMEs, Startups and Scale-ups implement high performance Diversity, Inclusion and Equity solutions through a range of workshops.

If you are looking to take your business's Diversity and Inclusion journey to the next level then look no further! DiSRUPT and ODiSEE offer an individual and unique approach to supporting your business' journey with highly engaging workshops, diversity and inclusion audits, and consultancy services.

By working with us, not only will you gain access to our extensive knowledge and resources, but you'll also have a partner who will help you navigate the journey to becoming more inclusive.

You obviously know this, but diverse organisations perform better and have increased financial returns, client and staff retention.

As an agency, talent acquisition is our job. We’re different – we want to support you to help you retain your employees. After all, that’s what a true partner does, right!

By shaping your operations so that equality and inclusion is at the heart of your agenda, our workshops, audits, and consultancy services will help you create truly inclusive workplaces by educating your people on diversity.

Partner with us and experience the benefits of a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

Used by some of the world's most amazing companies

Supercharge your recruitment solutions with D&I training from DiSRUPT Agency

What are the benefits of DiSRUPT Inclusion

  • Increased employee engagement, motivation and satisfaction
  • Improved recruitment and retention of diverse talent
  • Increased innovation and creativity
  • Enhanced reputation and customer loyalty
  • Better financial performance and returns
  • Improved compliance with laws and regulations
  • Greater adaptability and ability to respond to a diverse market
  • Expanded market reach and access to new customers and partners
  • Improved problem-solving and decision-making through diverse perspectives
  • Building a more inclusive culture and work environment which is more attractive to employees, customers and the community

Who are ODiSEE?

Sara Matthews FCIPD MCMI FRSA is the founder of ODiSEE and former Award winning HR Director for Ladbrokes PLC and Chelsea FC with senior leadership experience in FTSE 120 environments. ODiSEE's specialism is in delivering a range of Diversity and Inclusion Services to create equal opportunities for all. Through engaging training workshops they empower businesses to make real diversity and inclusion happen. Their workshops are a safe and inclusive space where difficult topics can be tackled head-on, with a trust and experience. If you're ready to take your D+I efforts to the next level, choose DiSRUPT Inclusion – Powered by ODiSEE to support you on your journey.

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ODiSEE Workshops

Creating an Inclusive Vision for Your Business

What to expect and how its delivered

Why choose DiSRUPT Inclusion powered by ODiSEE?

What you will get?

The program consists of a range of workshops designed to be bite sized with practical & tailored resources :

  • Online workshops in a bite size format (approx. 90 minutes) which explore key EDI practices for your organisation
  • Highly practical "how to" discussions and advice to make real and immediate impact in your organisation
  • 30-minute pre workshop discussions to determine key issues or challenges facing your organisation
  • Post-workshop summary provided to participants and simple templates

Workshops available include:

  • Building Your EDI Business Case: Focussed on explaining the business case for developing EDI in your organisation and practical tips and advice on how to communicate the importance of EDI in the workplace.
  • Reviewing your EDI Practices & Policies: Focussed on how to review practices and policies across the organisation, what to consider and how to improve them.
  • Measuring & Analysing EDI Data: Focussed on how to gather EDI data in your organisation, how to analyse it and what to do with the outputs.
  • Creating and EDI Strategy & Action Plan: Focussed on how to create an EDI strategy, what to consider, who to consult, and how to create an action plan for delivery and to measure success.
  • Inclusive Practices - Session One Recruitment & Selection: Advice and tips on how to create an inclusive recruitment and selection process. Including data and insights and attracting talent.
  • Inclusive Practices - Session Two Creating and Inclusive Induction Programme: Advice and tips on how to create an inclusive pre-boarding, on-boarding, induction and establishing new talent into the organisation.
  • Inclusive Practices - Session Three Culture of Inclusion: Advice and tips on how to create a culture with inclusive practices at the heart of the organisation – from performance management to communications. This workshop considers the various elements of the employee lifecycle and how they can be developed to reinforce a culture of inclusion through people practices.

Workshops include:

  • 30 minute pre-workshop discussion to tailor to organisational needs
  • Delivery of 90 minute workshop online*
  • Post workshop summary and simple example templates
  • Maximum 10 participants per workshop**
  • Additional consultancy services available on request

*Face to face workshop delivery available, subject to travel and time incurred expenses

**Numbers of participants flexible by prior agreement

Contact us more details of the bitesize and simple approach to inclusive practice.

How do I get started?

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Alternatively you can contact us on +44118 3042 855 Or email us at recruitment@wearedisrupt.co.uk

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