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On Demand Recruitment Solutions

Our On-Demand Recruitment Services allow you to pick and choose when you use us for the recruitment of any new roles within your organisation. DiSRUPT On-Demand recruitment services can save your business time, money and resources. Our innovative platform and expert recruitment consultants will help you find and attract the best talent in the market, faster and more efficiently than traditional recruitment methods.

On-Demand Recruitment when and If you need it

When providing DiSRUPT On-Demand Recruitment Services our focus is on providing you with a transparent solution with clear communication, from the candidate search all the way to induction. On-Demand has been developed to help find highly experienced and skilled candidates. We understand that typically these types of roles are high priority and often require rare skills. With DiSRUPT we can help minimise the risk of a bad hire by providing a range of additional services for candidates and clients alike, from Mental health training to D&I and sustainability support.

We remove the time and cost constraints of dealing with ill-fitting candidates by providing a completely managed process with measurable accountability.

Our team of retained recruitment experts will be available to help you and your organisation find the right person for your organisation.

Used by some of the world's most amazing companies

On-Demand Retained Recruitment Benefits

Benefits of DiSRUPT Recruitment

Recruitment Features

  • Account Manager
  • Careers Site (Optional - Fees May Apply)
  • Applicant Tracking System (Optional - Fees May Apply)
  • Video Interviewing
  • On-Site Recruiter (as required) (Optional - Fees May Apply)
  • Mental Health Training for New Starters

Business Support Features

  • Includability Membership (What is Includability?)
  • D&I Support (Optional - Fees May Apply)
  • Wellbeing Support (Optional - Fees May Apply)
  • Sustainability Support (Optional - Fees May Apply)

Reporting Features

  • Annual Social Impact Report
  • Offset Carbon Footprint for every New Starter​

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What our On-Demand Recruitment does better?

Why Choose DiSRUPT Recruitment?

Typically recruitment agencies have been reactive in providing key assistance in developing an infrastructure with a sustainable and inclusive workplace for its candidates and clients. The approach has been one of bolting on services such as D&I and wellbeing to already out of date recruitment practices.

With Retained or On-Demand Recruitment Processes the key is to ensure that not only are the candidates correct for the position but also that they are supported throughout the process and into the workplace, ensuring that they are more likely to stay within the organisation reducing the need rehire and the economic constraints of recruitment.

At DiSRUPT we have broken the system and redesigned our recruitment agency from the ground up by taking only the very best bits of modern recruitment and technology and coupling it with access to leading organisations in D&I, Mental Health, Sustainability, Wellbeing and Leadership and Governance. This is Includability.

This sort of access has previously only been available to large corporate businesses as bespoke services, however as a team we have created a community of like minded organisations to allow us to continue our journey in providing support to businesses that hold the same ethical recruitment values we hold so dear.

Ethical, Sustainable, Mentally Healthy Recruitment Support

Unleash your Business Kraken

Whether you have a recruitment solution or not with DiSRUPT or EllisKnight we would love to hear from you.

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"The team were professional throughout and looked for the right fit as well as skillset. They understood the roles and matched with some great potential candidates. The video Hinterviews made the experience easy for us and helped us to fit in views during a busy day - meaning we never lost momentum. We have 3 excellent additions to our team - not an easy task for us, so very impressed. An excellent experience all-round."

Amy Lewis


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DiSRUPT On-Demand
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Mental Health Training
DiSRUPT Inclusion
DiSRUPT Wellbeing
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What's it all cost?

DiSRUPT Recruitment UK

Not as much as you think. Our solutions offer the best in value for both our recruitment services but also with the support through D&I, Mental Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability benefits.

DiSRUPT Recruitment FAQs

Find out the what, how, when and why of being unapologetically different.

Why is it called On-Demand and not retained?

Quite simply because it’s there when you need it. If that’s just once a year then great and if it’s once a month then brilliant. Regardless of when you need to recruit, we are there for you.

Who is Disrupt On-Demand perfect for?

Whilst we predominantly partner with SME’s, Start-Ups and Scale-Ups, essentially we are very happy to work with any company that shares our values, is purpose driven and cares about doing the right thing. We will never flex on our company values for the sake of a few extra pounds. We absolutely love being trail blazers, working in an agile manner and coming up with innovative new ways of working.

What is Disrupt On-Demand Recruitment?

Disrupt On-Demand Recruitment is essentially our equivalent of an exclusive agreement to recruit your vacancies or what is typically know as a retained service.

Who is Disrupt On-Demand not perfect for?

Think companies that expect you to upload CV’s to a portal with no real conversation about what they are looking for, don’t offer CV feedback or even worse, no interview feedback at all – we’re sure that’s not you (that’s why you are on our website, right!). Basically, if you want to spread the recruitment love by using lots of agencies or feel that building a partnership is too time consuming and not worth it or perhaps want absolutely everything for the lowest possible fee, then we probably aren’t a recruitment match (insert sad face here). That’s not us being Disruptive, it’s sticking to our values and valuing what we do.

How long is the Disrupt On-Demand contract for?

You can choose from 12, 24 or 36 months.

Is there a monthly fee for Disrupt On-Demand Recruitment?

There is a small monthly fee of £99.

Why is there a monthly for Disrupt On-Demand Recruitment?

Great question! It shows a level of commitment towards our partnership and contributes towards your Branded Careers Site, Applicant Tracking System and your Includability Membership

If we use other agencies, could still use Disrupt On-Demand?

We are open to having a chat with you, we’re an open-minded bunch. We appreciate that you may have existing relationships in place for certain areas of your business and therefore don’t want that to change, we’re cool with that. The beauty of On-Demand is that we can scope out the areas of the business you would like us to support you with and take it from there.

Why is there a maximum of 19 vacancies for Disrupt On-Demand?

As Disrupt Agency, we have three main products; RPO, On-Demand and Project. If you believe you will recruit more than 19 new hires in a 12 month period, we would discuss Disrupt RPO with you.

What is the benefit of choosing Disrupt On-Demand Recruitment?

Well, you can be safe in the knowledge that terms have been pre-agreed, we will spend time getting to know you and your business which certainly helps the recruitment process, you get a branded careers site (worth £995 per year), a dedicated Disruptor (Account Manager), help with creating job descriptions, Includability Membership (Worth £1,495 per year), you can recruit anything between 1 vacancy up to 19 vacancies in a 12 month period, you benefit from extended Rebate Terms, you can split the payment of the invoices (TBA prior to signing contract)

What is the difference between Disrupt RPO and Disrupt On-Demand?

There are a few things that differ; with Disrupt RPO you get an onsite Disruptor (Account Manager) as often as you require, you get a fully branded Careers Site, access to your own Applicant Tracking System (ATS), bespoke Management Information Reporting, access to Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability, Wellbeing and Mental Health services, Minimum of 20 Vacancies per year (12 month period)

Need a custom fitting?

Not tickling your fancy? Need something bespoke? Call our sales team to talk about what you want for your business.