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How to guide to becoming Planet Mark Certified

Planet Mark Business Certification is a recognisable sign of a company’s sustainability progress and is an incredible way to communicate your environmental and social contributions with credibility, authenticity and transparency through measuring and reducing your business' carbon emissions, energy and water consumption, travel and waste.

Here is our step by step guide from our DiSRUPT team to using all ten tentacles.

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Becoming a Planet Mark Certified Business

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Step 1 – Let’s get the ball rolling

Get in touch with lovely Planet Mark Team by completing this form and completing some basic information around your business.

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Step 2 – An intro and a cuppa

A member of Planet Mark’s Sustainability Team will schedule you in for a virtual brew to support you in setting your reporting boundary and give guidance in data collection (we’re talking everything here from office/working from home utility bills and travel to number of operating sites and paper usage) and of course to answer any questions you might have.

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Step 3 – Measure

Following your introductory call, you can then complete the Planet Mark Data Form which will have been sent to you. Don’t worry about a thing – Planet Mark make the process of measuring your carbon footprint simple and efficient using readily available company information. Biiiiig headache saver – phew!!

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Step 4 – Submission

Once you have gathered all your data (and forwarded across your evidence) then the Planet Mark Team get to work in calculating what your carbon footprint is. Timescales-wise is dependent upon the size of your business and the complexity of the date submitted – as a SME, it took just four weeks for us to receive a full analysis of our business carbon footprint.

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Step 5 – Certification and celebration with your crew mates

This is huge – you have officially taken ownership of your carbon footprint and are empowered with the data you possess to do become a sustainability supercharged business!! But is only the beginning… 😊

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Step 6 – Engagement

We all know that it’s your team you are the key to achieving your business sustainability goals. Planet Mark’s engagement team will provide webinar workshops, toolkits and events to build knowledge and skills within your team, supporting you to embed sustainability in the culture of your business to drive innovation and continual progress.

You can of course also access Includability’s incredible community of Sustainability Ambassadors and Official Partners for constant guidance and support.

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Step 7 - Time to take it to the next level – your carbon management strategy

In order to recertify each year with Planet Mark, you will need to reduce your carbon emissions as an organisation by 2.5% annually. With a firm carbon reduction plan this is infinitely possible. On average, Planet Mark certified businesses make a 24% cut in absolute carbon emissions per year – at Team DiSRUPT we have cut our absolute carbon emissions by 67% since 2020.

With the figures at your fingertips and a carbon management battle plan in place, Planet Mark can now support you in offsetting your carbon footprint through Fenix Carbon.  Fenix will give you access to a range of robust and transparent premium climate saving offset projects – this allows you to purchase carbon credits and each carbon credit represents the reduction of one tonne of carbon from the atmosphere. Once you have selected your chosen project and purchased the appropriate number of carbon credits to match your carbon footprint, you can submit this evidence for a final review by Planet Mark and be awarded Carbon Neutral Status.

What are the benefits of becoming planet mark certified?

Why become Planet Mark Certified

  • A competitive advantage - A high-quality sustainability certification through Planet Mark will help make your bids and tenders stronger. It demonstrates to stakeholders, including customers and investors, that your company is having a positive impact on the planet.

  • Future-proofed business - Leading businesses around the world are adapting to a changing world, meeting global challenges with sustainable solutions. A sustainability certification will help you benefit from a future-proofed business.

  • Attract and retain talent - Did you know that 76% of millennials consider social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work? And research shows that employees are more satisfied with their jobs when the company promotes sustainability. Becoming Planet Mark certified can help you attract and retain the very best people for the job.

  • A healthy bottom line - On average, certified businesses make a 17% carbon saving per employee through reductions in energy, waste, water, travel and procurement. Less expenditure means greater profit.

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Looking to become a Planet Mark Certified business?

When you choose any of our recruitment options we can offer a range of advice and help to guide you on how to gain a competitive advantage with your business

Visit our Planet Mark Guide

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Becoming a B-Corp is rightly a challenge and there can be roadblocks throughout the process as you provide evidence of be a business for good. That's why we offer all our clients our expert advice on how to achieve B-Corp Status

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On a Mission to become the most Sustainable Recruitment Agency

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Planet Mark

We won the Planet Mark Best Newcomer Award & are committed to reduce our carbon footprint by a minimum of 5% every year.


We help offset every placed candidates carbon footprint for their first 12 months of employment  - take a turn in our Ecologi Forest.

We are the first recruitment agency globally to be Planet Mark certified. We have recently achieved our third year of certification having cut our absolute carbon emissions by 67% since 2020