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Your Trusted Partner for Project, Programme and Change Talent Solutions

When crucial projects demand specialist leadership, expertise or you just need to scale your project/delivery teams; turn to DiSRUPT Agency. As a proud certified B Corp we excel in providing top-tier interim and permanent talent covering: Project/Programme Directors, Project Managers, Programme Managers, Change Managers, Business Analysts, and PMO professionals. Trust DiSRUPT to deliver the project talent you need to grow, attract, change, transform, innovate, create real value and make an Impact!

Project Recruitment Solutions to support urgent or critical growth

Our expertise in providing Project based recruitment growth allows us to help you scale-up your organisation for urgent or business critical growth whilst ensuring that each and every candidate is prepared and supported for the roles that you require.

Our service works like a mini RPO allowing us to offer all the benefits that you require to create a team for a project or mission critical recruitment drive. Key to this is supporting the development by providing quick and repeatable solutions whilst you concentrate on continuing to grow your business.

This works across all sizes of organisations from startups and SMEs to scale-ups all of who are looking to recruit for a specific project or service on a long or short-term period.

Used by some of the world's most amazing companies

Sustainable Project & Critical Growth Recruitment

Benefits of DiSRUPT Recruitment

Recruitment Features

  • Account Manager
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) (Optional - Fees May Apply)
  • Video Interviewing
  • On-Site Recruiter (as required)
  • Mental Health Training for New Starters

Business Support Features

  • Includability Membership (Optional - Fees May Apply) (What is Includability?)
  • D&I Support (Optional - Fees May Apply)
  • Wellbeing Support (Optional - Fees May Apply)
  • Sustainability Support (Optional - Fees May Apply)

Reporting Features

  • Annual Social Impact Report
  • Offset Carbon Footprint for every New Starter​

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Why Choose DiSRUPT Recruitment?

Typically recruitment agencies have been reactive in providing key assistance in developing an infrastructure with a sustainable and inclusive workplace for its candidates and clients. The approach has been one of bolting on services such as D&I and wellbeing to already out of date recruitment practices.

Usually the critical nature of Project Recruitment is based around quickly finding candidates with the right key experience. This can result in a high rate of churn of new employees which is why DiSRUPT have created project partner solutions to support candidates as an extension of your business giving you access to an agency without agency fees.

At DiSRUPT we have broken the system and redesigned our recruitment agency from the ground up by taking only the very best bits of modern recruitment and technology and coupling it with access to leading organisations in D&I, Mental Health, Sustainability, Wellbeing and Leadership and Governance. This is Includability.

This sort of access has previously only been available to large corporate businesses as bespoke services, however as a team we have created a community of like minded organisations to allow us to continue our journey in providing support to businesses that hold the same ethical recruitment values we hold so dear.

Ethical, Sustainable, Mentally Healthy Recruitment Support

Unleash your Business Kraken

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"Working with DiSRUPT has been a transformative experience for COOK Trading. Not only did they provide top-notch recruitment services, ensuring we secured the best talent that aligns with our B Corp values, but their commitment to inclusivity truly stands out. The Neurodiversity Support group they set up through Includability, in collaboration with heavyweights like Danone and Myers Briggs, is a testament to their dedication to fostering diverse workplaces. We're immensely grateful for their unparalleled expertise and genuine passion for change."

Tina Wallace

Head of Recruitment & HO People


Recruitment Solutions to compliment you.

DiSRUPT On-Demand
DiSRUPT Project

More Tentacles to support you with.

Mental Health Training
DiSRUPT Inclusion
DiSRUPT Wellbeing
DiSRUPT Impact

What's it all cost?

DiSRUPT Recruitment UK

Not as much as you think. Our solutions offer the best in value for both our recruitment services but also with the support through D&I, Mental Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability benefits.

DiSRUPT Recruitment FAQs

Find out the what, how, when and why of being unapologetically different.

What is Project RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)?
Project Recruitment

DiSRUPT Project is a fully outsourced recruitment and search RPO service to meet planned and unplanned periods of increased recruitment or hiring, for a defined period of time (maximum of 6 months). This includes specialist and senior interim/contract, Statement of Work (SoW), temporary and permanent hiring needs.

When is DiSRUPT Project RPO is the solution?
Project Recruitment
  • Company Relocation/New Office Location
  • IT/Systems/Technology Change/Transformation:
    Implementing, Upgrading, Integrating, migrating their current IT/Tech systems or Data
  • Project/Programme Management:
    Any business related Projects, Programmes and Change:
    Programme Managers, Project Managers, Change Managers, Business Analysts, Testers
  • PMO Build/Scale up:
    PMO Heads/Directors, Managers, Leads, Analysts.
  • Advisory/Consulting:
    Specialist Advisory and Strategy Consulting Services
    (Regulation, Legal, Compliance, Transformation, Technology etc)
  • People Change/Organisational Design:
    People side of change (People, process, systems)
  • Seasonal Hiring:
    Meeting demand to hire additional staff to meet periods of increased demand. Often Temporary.
  • Seed/Series funded growth: Scaling at pace; specialists, leadership, teams and advisors, consultants.
  • Organic business growth: Increased demand, new contracts won, new markets, products, service offerings:
    hiring talent, teams and leadership to meet increased business demand and growth
  • Business Rescue, Turnaround, Transformation:
    Remediation, Restructuring, revenue protection, Strategy and leadership change
  • Loss of staff, Attrition:Replacing volumes of key staff from specialists to teams and leadership
What type of business would use a Project RPO?
Project Recruitment

All types of businesses will at some stage have the need for a Project RPO, from Seed and Series funded startups, SMEs to National and Global Organisations. This will vary from high volume transactional hiring through to specialist/technical experts and leadership/executive hires. The DiSRUPT Project RPO has you covered!

Is Project Recruitment more expensive than standard recruitment processing?
Project Recruitment

The whole purpose of the Project RPO is to provide a cost effective, tried and tested solution for hiring Talent or accessing specialist advice/consulting services over a strict timeline.
Our people, operationally efficient processes and systems will reduce the commercial downtime and total cost of doing it yourselves.
As a Certified B-Corp we have made a commitment to use our business as a force for good. Our pricing will be tailored to meet your business needs and is financially inclusive to ensure clear and transparent cost management and payment options. Our pricing structures have to be affordable yet allow us to deliver what you need. We therefore look at your business size, business type and the volume/complexity of the talent/advice needed and timeframes required to provide you with a pricing structure that works for you. We offer further cost savings to social enterprises, Charities and non-profit/not for profit organisations

Is the DiSRUPT Project RPO right for your business?
Project Recruitment

Whether it’s a campaign from 3 to 300+ new hires within a defined timeframe then a Project RPO is the best option for you and your business!

  • If you need to hire multiple new hires to start within fixed time frames then yes!
  • If you need to hire talent that is outside of your core experience. i.e a retail business building a Financial Services offering, then yes!
  • If you are building/scaling a project, programme or PMO then yes!
  • If you are thinking of engaging with a consulting firm for services then yes!
  • If you are looking to deliver change within your business and need experienced talent then yes!
  • If you are in a seed or series funded startup/scaling business and need talent to scale at pace then yes!
  • If you have just won a new contract or your sales activity requires you to hire more people quickly then yes!
  • If you need to replace a number of recent leavers or hire new/replacement teams and leadership then yes!

Need a custom fitting?

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