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Disrupt RPO: A FEE-FREE Embedded talent Acquisition Partner that understands
your business - Your Brand - Your People

In-House, Embedded Talent Acquisition. outsourced innovation

Choose A Disrupt as your Embedded Talent ACQUISITION Partner

In the dynamic world of recruitment, the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional embedded talent acquisition RPOs and In-House recruitment often falls short.

At DiSRUPT, we've reimagined the Recruitment Process to align perfectly with your business's unique needs and values. Our innovative internal recruitment solution is an embedded in-house, outsourced recruitment process designed to do what others don’t.

How does Disrupt Embedded
recruitment work?

DiSRUPT Agency is a team of highly experienced recruiters, using market leading systems and video interviewing technology to help purpose led businesses to grow by hiring and retaining the best talent anywhere. The focus is on quality outcomes and positive impacts over income.

We Don’t Charge Monthly Fees

Our partnership is built on successful outcomes, not monthly retainers. You invest only when tangible results are delivered.

We Don’t Leave You With High Fees and No Placements

With DiSRUPT, you’re not burdened with costs without concrete results. Our success-based model means fees are tied to successful candidate placements.

We Don’t Overlook Social Responsibility

Far from ignoring our impact on society, we embed social responsibility into our core operations, partnering with you to achieve shared goals for a sustainable future.

We Don’t Disregard Your Values

Your company’s ethos is paramount. We meticulously match you with candidates who not only meet job specifications but also resonate with your values and culture.

We Don’t Just Send You CVs

Our approach goes beyond the conventional CV push. We engage in comprehensive screening, assessments and provide 2 way video interviews to ensure fit, quality, and readiness.

We Don’t Compromise on Inclusivity

Ignoring diversity isn’t in our DNA. Through our partnership with Includability B Corp, we prioritise inclusivity, ensuring your recruitment process welcomes a rich tapestry of talent.

We Don’t Limit Our Reach

Unlike traditional RPOs constrained by their own databases, we leverage a global network, ensuring no stone is left unturned in finding the right talent for you.

We Don’t Shy Away From Transparency

We believe in crystal clear communication. From pricing to process, you’ll have full visibility and say every step of the way.

We Don’t Settle for Quick Fixes

Our recruitment strategy is designed for long-term success, not just immediate fills. We’re about building teams that drive growth and innovation over time.

We Don’t Ignore Technological Advancements

Far from being stuck in the past, we utilise cutting-edge technology like two-way video interviewing to streamline the recruitment process and protect your time.

We Don’t Stop at Recruitment

Post-placement support and continuous improvement are part of our package. We’re committed to not just filling positions but enhancing your overall recruitment strategy and employee retention.

An RPO that won't break the bank

Choose a DiSRUPT Embedded RPO.... Because it's not an RPO


Our team are experts at delivering a Fee-Free unique and extensive outsourced recruitment solution designed to source candidates efficiently whilst supporting them through the process of placement.


Combined with our knowledge across a range of sectors we offer all the benefits of an In-House recruiter with the support experience and solutions  of an Agency RPO

At DiSRUPT we offer the perfect alternative to in-house recruitment. Choose a monthly Fee-Free exclusive purpose-led Outsourced RPO that creates a positive disruption.

DiSRUPT Embedded Recruitment Agency Reading

Compare our Embedded
recruitment Model

Embedded In-House, Outsourced RPO
Monthly Fee-Free Exclusive RPO Recruitment Solution
Common RPO
Traditional RPO
Typical Marketplace Outsourced Recruitment Solutions
Monthly Fees

No monthly fees; charges only upon successful placements.

Typically involves monthly fees and other charges, regardless of placement success.

Values Driven Recruitment Approach

Unique customised, values-driven recruitment strategies tailored to match company brand, ethos and candidate values.

Often a one-size-fits-all strategy, focusing more on filling positions quickly rather than on value alignment.

Comprehensive Post-Placement Support

Offers comprehensive post-placement support and additional services like hiring manager training and ATS integration.

Post-placement support and extra services might be limited or come with additional fees.

Uses Cutting-Edge Technology

Utilises cutting-edge technology like two-way video interviewing to streamline processes while maintaining a personal touch.

May use technology, but the focus is on innovative tools for efficiency and engagement can vary.

Strategic In-House Partnership Focus

We view each client as a strategic partner, working closely to understand and fulfil long-term business and hiring goals.

Relationships can be more transactional, focusing on immediate needs rather than long-term strategic alignment.

100% Guarantee on Placements

100% guarantee on every invoice from the new starter's first day to successful probation completion.

Guarantees can vary, and not all RPOs offer comprehensive coverage from start to probation completion.

Ethical Impact Initiatives

Partnerships with organisations like B1G1 and Ecologi to ensure recruitment makes a positive global impact. We offset the carbon footprint of every placement for 12 months

Ethical impact initiatives are not typically a standard feature of RPO services.


Full transparency with clear pricing, regular updates, and insights into the recruitment process.

Transparency levels can vary, with some services offering less insight into processes and costs.

Social Responsiblity

We are Planet Mark, B Corp, CRSA-Gold, Mental Health Charter, Living Wage Certified emphasising our dedication to People, Planet & Purpose in everything we do.

Social responsibility may not be a core focus; certifications in this area are less common.

Inclusivity and Diversity through Includability

We created Includability, a certification for employers committed to delivering a diverse, inclusive, sustainable & mentally healthy hiring solution.

Even simple Diversity and inclusion efforts vary, and will not always be integrated into a recruitment process.


B Corps & Purpose Led Businesses        DiSRUPT & Includability

What is Included as an
embedded talent partner

We Don't Give You What You Want.
We give you what you thought you could never have!!

Unmatched Flexibility

Choose from Full RPO, Project RPO, or tailored single-role agreements, designed to meet your unique recruitment needs.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Enjoy zero setup and monthly fees with our Outsourced Recruitment (RPO) model. Our transparent pricing activates only upon successful start dates.

Comprehensive Insights

Benefit from detailed weekly reports, monthly meetings, and quarterly in-person reviews for full oversight and transparency. Stay informed with useful data at every step.

Inclusive Recruitment

Gain exclusive access to Includability, the hub for Inclusive Organisations. Join a certified network committed to balancing profit with people and the planet, boasting B Corp and Planet Mark certifications.

Purpose-Driven Talent Acquisition

Experience unparalleled recruiting tailored for values-driven businesses and those transitioning to a more purposeful approach. We prioritise matching you with individuals who embody your values and drive growth

Ironclad Guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind with our 100% guarantee on every invoice, from a new starter's first day to successfully passing probation.

Transparent Pricing

With clear pricing starting at 15% for roles and just 3% for internal referrals/direct approaches, ensure equitable processes without the burden of excessive fees.

Impactful Partnerships

Make a difference with our unique recruitment process that delivers impact through partnerships with B1G1, Charity:Water, Ecologi, and Carma. Discover the significant impact you can achieve as our client.

Effective Video Interviewing

Save your hiring managers' valuable time with our advanced two-way video interviewing technology.

Global Leadership in CSR

Proud to be the only recruitment company globally to earn B Corp, Planet Mark, and Gold CSR accreditation.

Beyond Recruitment

Access additional support services to enhance your recruitment function, including hiring manager training, careers website development, ATS integration, and building comprehensive recruitment and retention strategies.

Sectors we cover

Below are just some of the sectors we cover

B Corp - Planet Mark - CSRA Gold Certified

B Corp - Planet Mark - CSRA Gold Certified

Add Includability:
a network of support for your employees

Includability is a pioneering B Corp certified community network, offering a comprehensive suite of services and benefits including a unique verification process, impactful rewards scheme, and expert-led training, all dedicated to guiding organisations in creating authentically inclusive, sustainable, mentally healthy and thriving workplaces.

Unique standard & verification process for creating a committed inclusive workplace

Access to a network of partner experts built to support your growth

Monthly Employers Support Groups open to your team

Access to extensive training and learning & development systems supported by consultancy and advisory services

A comprehensive report reviewing your organisations, D&I, Sustainability, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Talent Managment and Leadership & Governance

Includability website

How we support Organisations

Book a Discovery Call

Join hundreds of companies like yours that offer candidates and employees the highest levels of support whilst delivering an unrivaled recruitment solution.  

We are thrilled to have completed the 5 star verification process with Includability identifying The Gym Group as an Includability Committed Employer.

Rachel Shinn

D&I and Wellbeing Lead at Gym Group

The Gym Group


"Each time we have sought their support, they have been able to understand what we were looking for in terms of role and who we are as a business. Personable and attentive, they have provided us with guidance and knowledge as well as keeping us updated throughout the selection process."

Rossella Fiorenza

HR Officer

Planet Mark

DiSRUPT RPO, Includability

“Achieving the status of Includability Committed Employer reflects our ongoing mission to optimise diversity and opportunity within our firm. Inclusion is an important part of this, and we look forward to connecting with others in the Includability community."

Lesley Delaney

Operations Director

Beckett Investment Management Group


"As a B-Corp organisation we wanted to work with a recruitment company that held our same ethos and approach to a diverse workforce, sustainability and with ethical values. EllisKnight have proved to be an amazing organisation"

Kim​ Deverall

Makes People Happy (HR Manager)

Ella's Kitchen

DiSRUPT RPO, Includability

There is lots to consider when building your business and creating the conditions for success for you team. Working through the assessment process for Includability has been great, meeting with their partners offered insight, guidance and practical advice on building a responsible inclusive work environment for your people, helping measure where we are on the journey and to plan for our future at Ecologi

Joel Baynes



Includability Committed Employer

"Working with DiSRUPT has been a transformative experience for COOK Trading. Not only did they provide top-notch recruitment services, ensuring we secured the best talent that aligns with our B Corp values, but their commitment to inclusivity truly stands out. The Neurodiversity Support group they set up through Includability, in collaboration with heavyweights like Danone and Myers Briggs, is a testament to their dedication to fostering diverse workplaces. We're immensely grateful for their unparalleled expertise and genuine passion for change."

Tina Wallace

Head of Recruitment & HO People


DiSRUPT Recruitment, Includability

“DiSRUPT have been an incredible support to us in what has become a behemoth recruitment campaign, spanning multiple roles and regions. Their dedication to quality candidates, service, support and upholding the B Corp values and their own personal values is commendable and inspiring!It has been so valuable to work with a recruitment partner that understands our own values and mission and are always ready to support our own purpose and B Corp journey. The team make up the perfect blend of professional and fun. Their focus on ‘people first’ always shines through. We never have to worry when DiSRUPT are on the job. They always deliver.”

Taylor Launt

Operations Coordinator


DiSRUPT Recruitment

"CRM Students are absolutely delighted to have been awarded 5 stars and become a recognised Includability Committed Employer. The verification process was a great way for us to discuss and reflect on the amazing things we are doing within CRM for our people and has given us some incredible contacts within the Includability network to enable our vision to progress further."

Steph Robey

HR Director at CRM Students

CRM Students

DiSRUPT RPO, Includability