Becoming the Ethical Recruiter

How we became one of the first B-Corp Recruitment Agencies

We love being B-Corp Certified. It means alot and it's in our DNA. We were always destined to be a B-Corp with our commitment to People, Purpose and the Planet plus (with a little p) profit. The desire to run an ethical recruitment agency all started in the bones of our founders who believed in building an inclusive workforce.

DiSRUPT B-CORP Certified Recruitment Agency in Reading, UK

May 2015

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Born to be B-Corp

Paul, Dave and Pat (3 blokes from Reading - Really!!) hatchup an idea to create the world's most amazing business... a recruitment agency!! (Hold on is that right??) Oh OK an Ethical Recruitment Agency (it's still a stretch)

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June 2015

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Working with B-Corps

EllisKnight is born from the minds of our 3 'Great' founders (who wrote this...Paul??) Our sole ideal was to build a purpose driven recruitment agency whose goal was to create and help businesses transition into inclusive workforces.

We start by recruiting employees for a range of B-Corp Certified companies and then decide to take the plunge to become accredited ourselves.

Dave, Patrick and Paul from DiSRUPT/EllisKnight Recruitment

July 2020

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First Steps to be a B-Corp

We start our journey in the dead of night (sorry) by submitting an application for CSR Accreditation (collating, measuring and reporting on our socially responsible activities). We were delighted to be awarded a Gold Standard.

Dave bought a new hat and strapped a child to his back to celebrate, Paul grew an even longer beard and took gurning lessons and Pat stood in a semi empty stadium in shock.

CSRA Gold LogoDave from DiSRUPT/EllisKnight RecruitmentPaul from DiSRUPT/EllisKnight RecruitmentPatrick from DiSRUPT/EllisKnight Recruitment

August 2020

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Becoming Planet Mark Certified

We realised that we did however need to improve on becoming a more sustainable organisation; Dave realised his folly of having a small child attached to him whilst making client calls (but kept the hat)

By the wonders of magic (the internet) Planet Mark appeared, at which point we became obsessed with them (it was a bit creepy!!) However a few short months later we became the very first recruitment company in the WORLD to be Planet Mark Certified and a loving relationship was born.

Planet Mark Logo

October 2020

DiSRUPT Recruitment UK - octo

We do what 40(ish)old lads do we are now on our way to becoming the only Planet Mark, CSR Gold, Net Zero, B-Corp Certified recruitment agency in the world, what do we do next. That's right we launch a podcast... The Ethical Recruiter, 23 episodes later the midlife crisis ends, as did the torture for all our 8 listeners.

Ethical Recruiter Logo

December 2020

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We neutralise ourselves and some of our clients

Through our work with Planet Mark we become a Carbon Neutral business and start to help our clients develop their own sustainability programs along with our already progressive work in promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Planet Mark Carbon Neutral

March 2021

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We did it - we absolutely smashed it

Our quest for being the best (we could be) naturally guided us towards starting the process of becoming B Corp Certified. We officially became Certified in 2021 and absolutely love being part of a community that shares values, ethics and purpose (it's also a super cool logo).

Here we are celebrating like it was christmas, even though it was March.

Dave, Patrick and Paul and the team from DiSRUPT/EllisKnight Recruitment

June 2021

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Joking aside...B-Corp wasn't enough

Our goal was always to develop and redefine the perceptions and processes of 'What' a recruitment agency was. Our team remains absolutely dedicated to helping organisations grow, both through effective recruitment but also through creating a welcoming, sustainable and inclusive workforce.

With this in mind we created Includability - The standard for inclusive workforces. We now have nearly 100 organisations, 60 Ambassadors, expert verification partner's and a 'Community' all with one single goal...

...To unapologetically be the best they can be.

Includability Certified Employer Logo

December 2022

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We stop apologising & become DiSRUPT

Looking at all we have achieved we decided we are going to go full circle and create a 'MORE' Ethical Recruitment Agency (come-on, this again).

We take the very best of EllisKnight and combine it with the inclusive workforce standard of Includability to create what we believe is the first and only inclusive recruitment solution with actual real world value. (OK, I like it)

Welcome to DiSRUPT Agency - The Standard for Inclusive Recruitment (also a pretty cool logo ;-)

DiSRUPT/EllisKnight Recruitment UK Logo

Our B-Corp Score

We are proud to be one of nearly 5000 businesses committed to the highest of standards verified social and environmental performance. B Corps promote full public transparency and legal accountability to strike the right ethical balance between profit and purpose.


Overall B Impact Score

Based on the B Impact assessment, EllisKnight International Recruitment earned an overall score of 92.0. The median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is currently 50.9.

Planet Mark

Looking to become a Planet Mark Certified business?

When you choose any of our recruitment options we can offer a range of advice and help to guide you on how to gain a competitive advantage with your business.

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Want to go through the process of becoming B-Corp Certified?

Becoming a B-Corp is rightly a challenge and there can be roadblocks throughout the process as you provide evidence of be a business for good. That's why we offer all our clients our expert advice on how to achieve B-Corp Status.

Visit our B-Corp Guide

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