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The roadmap to help your businesses amplify it’s impact

DiSRUPT Impact is designed to scale up and amplify your company’s positive impact on people and planet, utilising the resources available to you. Powered by Keartland & Co, they will work closely with you to develop a roadmap to gain a better understanding on what to prioritise, and provide you with the guidance to make it happen. With their support, you'll be able to reduce your environmental impact, improve your reputation, and gain a competitive advantage in today's socially conscious marketplace.

DiSRUPT Impact – Powered by Keartland & Co

Amplify the impact for your business

DiSRUPT Impact is designed for business leaders who are passionate about having a meaningful impact on the world through their business. They’ve already started on the journey to being an impactful business and now want to amplify and scale up their impact.

They share a common set of challenges:

  1. Want to do this but don’t know what steps to take
  2. Don’t know what to prioritise
  3. Have no idea how much it’s going to cost or what help they might need

DiSRUPT Impact is a solution that addresses these challenges:

  • Designed for SMEs
  • Helps you understand your priorities and identify quick wins
  • Gives clarity on where budget and external support will be needed

Used by some of the world's most amazing companies

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What are the Benefits of DiSRUPT Impact from Keartland & Co

Benefits of going through this process

  • Get a better understanding of how to scale up your business’s impact
  • Become clear on what to prioritise, plus where budget and external support will needed
  • Regular check ins throughout the year help ensure you make progress

Who are Keartland & Co?

Keartland & Co helps businesses to scale up and amplify their impact so they can maximise the impact they have with the limited resources available.

Keartland & Co was founded by Hannah Keartland, a bold, strategic thinker who’s spent her career working in and with impact-focused organisations, including Innocent Drinks and Cancer Research UK where she was Innovation Director. Hannah’s spent 20+ years leading innovation and change at director and board level with the unusual blend of having led both Innovation and Finance & Operations functions. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales and a TEDx speaker.

Document Downloads

Creating a Sustainable Vision for Your Business

What to expect and how its delivered

An actionable visual prioritised roadmap in Powerpoint that you can add to and update.

This roadmap is supported by slides which set out:

  • Where investment of time and/or money is needed to deliver the roadmap
  • Where external support is needed to deliver the roadmap
  • Where external support could accelerate delivery of the roadmap


  1. Discovery call - An exploratory 60 mins discovery call so we can understand your business, your sustainability journey to date and any particular challenges you are facing in scaling up your impact.
  2. Business immersion - We review key business documents to get a more detailed understanding of your business. We’ll agree which documents are most relevant in the Discovery Call – these could include your most recent impact report (if you have one), your business strategy, your B Impact Assessment (if you’ve done one), relevant data.
  3. Working session - 3 hour virtual working session for up to 5 members of your team, including the senior sponsor. We’ll identify the key areas for you to work on to scale up your impact as well as quick wins and priorities.
  4. Create roadmap - We will write up the output of the working session. This will be in Powerpoint so you can add to it and update it.
  5. Check ins - We will check in with you 2-3 times over the rest of the year to see how you’re progressing. These check ins will be 60 mins video calls.

Bonus extra

Once a year, Keartland & Co will host a webinar for all RPO clients, which will include:

  • Top tips on how to scale up and amplify your impact
  • An introduction to some of Keartland & Co’s trusted partners
  • Case studies

How do I get started?

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Alternatively you can contact us on +44118 3042 855 Or email us at recruitment@wearedisrupt.co.uk

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