Our Octotrophy Cabinet

Dedicated to working for accreditation rather than trophy hunting

Trophies are great and we love them, but it isn't what drives our passion at DiSRUPT. Our desire to be the best isn't through becoming Readings number #1 recruitment agency for SMEs with 10 people who open on Tuesday. It comes from a core set of values that we want to make real change and deliver value from our business and for our clients.

Below are some lovely awards but more importantly the accreditations we have and strive to retain.

Who are we kidding, we want trophies

Every organisation wants recognition for the work they do but the important thing for us is to earn it. We know we have our tentacles in all the right places and we love a trophy.

Our team dug out all their favourites, from  50 metres swimming and Gymnastic badges (Dave), to a couple of national records of achievement (not sure they understood).

These didn't quite make it, but some of our real achievements are below, and some of the dusty ones we love and are special (Ok Dave) and a couple of bonkers ones too.


We are accredited by established bodies


We love being B-Corp Certified. It means alot and it's in our DNA. We were always destined to be a B-Corp with our commitment to People, Purpose and the Planet plus (with a little p) profit.

We have been B-Corp Certified since 2021 and are currently B-Corp pending for Includability our committed workplace standard.

Planet Mark

Planet Mark Business Certification is an amazing achievement and recognisable sign of a company’s sustainability progress. It is an incredible way to communicate your environmental and social contributions with credibility, authenticity and transparency through measuring and reducing your business' carbon emissions, energy and water consumption, travel and waste.

We have been Planet Mark Certified since 2020 and are currently the only B-Corp and Planet Mark Certified Recruitment Agency in the world. We are also Planet Mark Certified Carbon Neutral.

We also won the Planet Mark Best Newcomer Award

CSR Gold Accredited

CSR Accreditation is given for collating, measuring and reporting on our socially responsible activities.

We were delighted to be awarded a CSR Gold Standard in 2020


(Genuinely I can't believe some of them made the cut)

Awards we cherish and some we don't

Some not so Awards

As you can see some of the tin that got pulled out was optimistic to say the least.

The less said about our 2019 Arlington Business Park Human Table Football Winners Trophy the better. (Yes you did read that right) Or Dave's unbelievable claim that we won the football world cup once.

Below are the ones that mean a whole lot more, because we might actually make a difference to someone's life.


B1G1 helps our recruitment agency be everything we want to be and in 2020 we received special recognition for our geographic impacts.

We love B1G1 and support them through both DiSRUPT and Includability

Naomi House & Jacksplace

We are honored to have received two awards for the charity work our team does for the wonderful Naomi House and Jacksplace.

Creating the best recruitment & support processes

Disrupt-EllisKnight Recruitment UK B-corp logo

EllisKnight + Includability = DiSRUPT Recruitment

We created Includability to help change workplace culture one organisation at a time.

We have taken all the best bits of EllisKnight and Includability and put it in to our DiSRUPT Recruitment Solutions to create the perfect process to help businesses grow.

Includability is the standard for companies committed towards creating an inclusive and mentally healthy workplace culture.

It is truly the standard for inclusive workplaces

includability The home of inclusive workforces