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Helping SMEs to develop wellbeing strategies for a healthy workforce

Create a Wellbeing Operating Model & Roadmap that delivers your Strategy. We do this through analysis and workshops around what capabilities you want to pursue in order to deliver the full spectrum of wellbeing across your teams. By creating this understanding, we can help you create a positive and fulfilling work environment. By Investing in the wellbeing of your employees and workforce, you will be empowering them to lead happier and healthier lives, resulting in increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and a more positive work culture. Happy people leads to a Happy business.

DiSRUPT Wellbeing – Powered by Outliers Wellbeing

Wellbeing Strategies for B-Corps, SMEs and Startups

DiSRUPT Wellbeing – Powered by Outliers Wellbeing is a specially developed Wellbeing Operating Model, to help B-Corps, SMEs, Startups and Scale-ups understand the Wellbeing landscape, and the direction their organisation wants to go in.

Wellbeing can be a confusing space, where the value of wellbeing services is poorly understood and multiple different wellbeing activities are taking place out of alignment and without strategy. Wellbeing like this fails to build happy and healthy people that can perform over the long term and offers poor value to the business, lots of nice acute moments but no lasting change.  We want to fix this common issue...we want to disrupt your wellbeing journey and bring about lasting growth and joy.


DiSRUPT Wellbeing pulls on The Wellbeing Operating Model (The WOM) to help you navigate these issues, The WOM is a product designed, owned and delivered by our wellbeing partner Outliers Wellbeing who are experts in helping organisations build happy, healthy people that can perform.  

Embarking on the journey to challenge your Wellbeing strategy and activities starts with a 1/2 day workshop that introduces the WOM and the capabilities that are required to deliver holistic and aligned wellbeing services to your people and business.  We believe strategic wellbeing is at the centre of every great business and we want to help you be strategic.

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Inject your recruitment solutions with a Wellbeing Strategy from DiSRUPT Agency

What are the benefits of DiSRUPT Wellbeing

  • Building the golden thread to support your wellbeing endeavours
  • Challenging the why? behind your current wellbeing activities
  • Helping you plan out your 18-24 month well being journey
  • Establishing what is wellbeing to you and your organisation and creating a stronger narrative to take to the board and your people
  • A close relationship with Outliers wellbeing who can assist and advise you as you navigate building happy, healthy people that can perform.

Who are Outliers Wellbeing?

Outliers Wellbeing is a company that supports businesses with their wellbeing provision. With a holistic approach, they understand the connection between culture and wellbeing, and work with leadership to develop a comprehensive strategy that addresses both. Their services include developing leaders in how to support wellbeing and embedding a culture of wellbeing within the business. In addition, we offer support for mental, physical, financial, and social wellbeing. The Co-Founder of Outliers Wellbeing, Matt Lock, has over 20 years of experience in sport, coaching, the fitness industry, and consulting. He is proud to be a part of Outliers Wellbeing with an approach which is unique and that strives to truly understand their clients' struggles and support their happiness as well as their bottom line.

Document Downloads

Wellbeing Operating Model

Creating a strategic wellbeing roadmap for business

What to expect and how its delivered

Why choose DiSRUPT Wellbeing powered by Outliers Wellbeing?

What you will get?

  • A 1 hr WOM Primer session to build relationship, understand your situation and introduce the core concepts of the WOM
  • A 1/2 day WOM Discovery session, a highly interactive design thinking workshop to build deep analysis and outputs that will guide your organisations wellbeing journey
  • A report outlining the agreed outputs and wellbeing roadmap over 18-24months
  • Close support and advice from the Outliers team to help you embed the agreed Wellbeing capabilities
  • Routine touch points over the first year after the WOM Discovery session

How do I get started?

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Alternatively you can contact us on +44118 3042 855 Or email us at recruitment@wearedisrupt.co.uk

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