CRM Students

How DiSRUPT Embedded its recruitment process to complement and support the internal teams at CRM Students

DiSRUPT Recruitment Agency partnered with CRM Students to streamline their recruitment process, address high staff turnover, and enhance inclusivity. By integrating an in-house recruitment solution, DiSRUPT improved efficiency, reduced costs, and ensured a fair hiring journey. The collaboration resulted in 200 placements across 80 sites in 2023.

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Client Details

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CRM Students

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Services Supplied:


  • Integrated seamlessly into CRM Students' HR department.
  • Collaborated with HR, Operations, and Mobilisation teams to develop processes, manuals, and recruitment guides.
  • Established a flexible, adult approach to recruitment.
  • Created a consistent process for all candidates (external, internal, and referral).
  • Implemented a competitive fee structure covering all vacancies.
  • Enhanced internal visibility for career progression.
  • Minimized the amount of time spent on hiring.
  • Developed weekly snapshot reports providing instant overviews of vacancies, spend, interviews, placements, and comments.


CRM Students is a prominent name in the property management sector, particularly known for their high-quality, purpose-built student accommodations (PBSA). With a diverse portfolio across various locations, CRM Students prides itself on providing safe, comfortable, and modern living spaces for students.

Recruitment Challenge


  • Lack of Structured Recruitment Process:
    • Area Managers and Operation Managers spent excessive hours sifting through CVs.
    • High rates of “no shows” and candidate dropouts.
    • Inconsistent and unfair candidate journeys.
    • High recruitment spend due to multiple agencies with different rates.
    • Lack of clarity on inclusivity and adjustments for both company and candidates.
  • Losing Excellent Staff to Competitors.
  • Non-Competitive Salaries.
  • No Reporting Analysis:
    • Extracting information was difficult and time-consuming, often requiring finance department intervention.
    • No data available on the duration of the hiring process.

Creating an In-House Embedded Solution

Solution Provided by DiSRUPT

DiSRUPT Recruitment Agency integrated itself within CRM Students' HR and recruitment processes to deliver a well-structured and inclusive hiring journey:

  • Standardised Recruitment Process:
    • Each candidate went through the same process and received the same information about the roles.
    • Personal interactions with candidates to understand and adapt to their needs.
  • Operational Site Visits and In-House Recruitment Support:
    • DiSRUPT visited CRM Students’ operational sites and met with managers to understand job role expectations and discuss market and salary expectations.
    • Integrated an outsourced in-house recruitment solution to support CRM Students’ internal teams, ensuring seamless collaboration and enhanced recruitment efficiency.
  • Close Collaboration:
    • Worked closely with the HR Director, Operations Director, Associate Directors, and Mobilisation teams.
    • Provided visibility and simplified the hiring process with minimal costs and maximum delivery.
  • Weekly Snapshot Reports:
    • Created reports providing an instant overview of current vacancies, spend, interviews, placements, and comments.

High Voltage Results

DiSRUPT Recruitment High Voltage Results
200 Placements Recruited in 2023.
Vacancies Filled in 80 Sites Across 36 Locations in the UK.
Positions Filled with External, Internal, and Referral Candidates.
Clear and Concise SLAs.
Excellent Relationship Between DiSRUPT and CRM Students.
Regular and Open Communication and Updates.

What our Client thinks

Tracey Stanton

Operations Director, CRM Students

CRM Students 2023

DiSRUPT Recruitment Services Reading UK

"Since I started working with DiSRUPT in January 2024, I have been impressed with their responsiveness, efficiency, and ability to source great people. The recruitment process has been seamless, which in turn has meant my operations team has been able to focus on the day job instead of constant recruitment tasks. The whole team at DiSRUPT cannot do enough to help support me and my team. I would recommend their services to everyone."

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