5 B Corps to Partner with in 2023

It’s B Corp month again and we love celebrating B Corps here at DiSRUPT Recruitment ! So much so, we geek out every week over how much they help us do our jobs better. Here is our guide to 5 B Corps we are partnered with or use as suppliers.

5 B Corps to Partner with in 2023

How to partner with great B Corps as part of your supplier solutions.

It’s B Corp month again and we love celebrating B Corps here at DiSRUPT Recruitment ! So much so, we geek out every week over how much they help us do our jobs better. Here is our guide to 5 B Corps we are partnered with or use as suppliers.

These purpose-led businesses are some golden nuggets that help people, the planet on a daily basis that show us that business can do the right thing and still make profit. ‘super charge their ethical supply chain’ and cost effectively improve employee engagement.

We put together a list of 5 B Corps that partner with in 2023. We partner with so many B Corps and have even more as part of our Includability through our community as members and committed employers (including B Corp)– we love them all dearly and there is to be no fighting or competing! this list isn’t our favourites, just a list of 5 really cool B Corps that we work closely with.

We will have more lists of awesome B Corp partners for you in the future. but we have to start somewhere.

What makes a B Corp?

B-Corp is a for-profit company that is committed to achieving specific social and environmental goals in addition to maximising profit. This business model is gaining popularity as more and more consumers are looking to make a positive impact through their purchasing decisions. A score of 80 qualifies a company for B Corp Certification. The median score for ordinary businesses is 50.9. See our guide to being a B Corp

5 B Corps to Partner with in 2023

Without further ado and in no particular order:


PayCaptain is a trusted, cloud-based system which transforms the payroll experience for companies and employees.Their platform uses intelligent automated cloud payroll software with a fully managed service.

Who are PayCaptain?

Founded in 2020, PayCaptain is on a mission to change mundane payroll processes into a helpful/educational/flexible 'getting paid' experience. As a HMRC Recognised and one of the first payroll solutions to be FCA Approved,.

PayCaptain uses the latest tech and latest thinking to provide a complete Payroll and Financial Wellness Solution for innovative companies that understand the importance of good financial wellbeing in their workforce. With PayCaptain, employees can take control of their pay, their savings, their retirement savings and their charitable donations.

Employees have emergency access to their pay before payday, weekly wage advances to help cover job related costs and flexibility to decide how they receive certain payments.

What is PayCaptain’s B Corp impact?

B Corp Describes them as,“the future of payroll, today.”

Certified Since January 2022

Overall B Impact Score-101.4

B Corp award winner: Best For The World: Governance 2022 and Best For The World: Workers 20222.

Link to Pay Captain


B1G1 runs a business movement that enables businesses to embed giving into their everyday activities to create giving with real resonance, meaning and purpose. And as a B1G1 Member, fully 100% of your giving goes to the carefully curated, high-impact global projects of your choice.

Who are B1G1?

B1G1 is a simple and intuitive philanthropy platform is an easy and seamless way of keeping track of our giving and our impact to any of the 500+high impact projects. B1G1 lets us make making an impact an integral part of what we do as business.

Since forming in 2007, B1G1 has generated over 290 million giving impacts over the years, supporting over 2,700 projects which each project listed on B1G1 contributing to one or more SDGs.

What is B1G1’s B Corp impact?

Certified Since October 2017

Overall B Impact Score-88.3

2017 Overall B Impact Score-87.1

Link to B1G1


Ecologi is a platform for Climate Action, helping individuals, families and businesses become Climate Positive. They do this by reducing your carbon footprint through the funding of quality climate solutions. They Also grow real and virtual forests.

Who are Ecologi?

Ecologi is a UK-based “subscription service for the planet” founded in 2019 serving to fund environmental projects, with a particular focus on tackling the climate crisis. Ecologi has over 16,000 public and a further 6,000 business members, seeing it plant around 1 million trees every 10 days. Ecologi is now considered a market leader having funded the planting of over 25 million trees and offset nearly 950,000 tonnes of CO2e.

What is Ecologi’s B Corp impact?

Certified Since November 2021

Overall B Impact Score–123.7

Winner -Best For The World: Environment 2022 and Best For The World: Governance 2022

Link to Ecologi

Do Nation

Do Nation helps people to form healthy, environmentally friendly habits. They do this through their online platform where anyone can create a campaign to raise pledges, or make a pledge -to do simple things like cycling to work or wasting less food.

Who are Do Nation?

Do Nation was founded by Hermione Taylor in 2010 following a behaviour change, and a bike ride to Morocco. The platform was created initially to allow people to ask friends and family to donate climate action instead of cash to support sporting events and celebrations. This feature of the platform exists to this day and anyone can create a free campaign page to raise climate pledges.

Since then Do Nation has evolved to engage people in sustainable behaviour change, supporting professional and personal communities around the world.

What is Do Nation’s B Corp Impact?

Certified Since March 2017

Overall B Impact Score–102.2

Winner: Best For The World: Governance 2022 and Best For The World: Governance 2021

Link to Do Nation


Giki-which stands for Get Informed, Know your Impact-is based in the UK and our mission is to help people understand and reduce their carbon footprints. This is done through Giki Zero, an employee sustainability programme which helps companies bring people together to learn what they can do about climate change.

How does Giki Zero work?

Giki's programme has three elements:

  1. A personalised programme for individuals to understand and reduce their carbon footprints with over 130 steps to suit every lifestyle and budget.
  2. Teams, leader boards and campaigns so that people can take action together.
  3. A full programme of support including workshops, training and ongoing content to help Chief Greenies engage their colleagues and to help people everywhere cut carbon, live sustainably and limit the effects of climate change.

What is Giki’s B Corp Impact?

Certified Since February 2022

Overall B Impact Score–82.5

B Corp award winner:  Best For The World: Governance 2022

Link to GiKi

What is our DiSRUPTive approach to B Corp recruitment?

As a B Corp, DiSRUPT Agency has been through the B Impact Assessment and can help your business do the same. Similarly, DiSRUPT is more than just a recruitment agency! We pride ourselves on ethical recruitment. Diversity and inclusion is a huge part of our business and we help our fellow B Corp members increase their impact by having more authentically inclusive and mentally healthy workplace cultures when they sign up and engage with us.

Can you advise on B Corp supply chain for recruitment?

Through our community of Ambassadors, Partners and Committed Employers at Includability and DiSRUPT we can help you expand your supply chain to include a range of B Corp organisations that can help you grow as a more ethical organisation. Whether you are B Corp or B Corp Pending using a supply chain solution like our DiSRUPT RPO can help improve your B Corp impact score, improve employee retention and improve your pool of candidates for job roles. With B Corp Wellbeing solutions to expert help in going through the B Impact Assessment we are truly, unapologetically DiSRUPTing the face of recruitment.

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