What is B Corp and how can my business aline with it?

Our guide to helping your organisation understand what B Corp is and how it can help your business grow in 2023

What is B Corp and how can my business aline with it?

How DiSRUPT Recruitment Agency is helping clients become B Corp Certified Businesses

What is B-Corp?

B-Corp is a for-profit company that is committed to achieving specific social and environmental goals in addition to maximising profit. This business model is gaining popularity as more and more consumers are looking to make a positive impact through their purchasing decisions.

What is a B-Corp business and how does it differ from traditional businesses?

One of the key differences between a B-Corp and a traditional corporation is that a B-Corp is legally required to consider the impact of its decisions on stakeholders, including employees, customers, and the environment. This means that B-Corp companies are held to a higher standard of accountability, which can lead to improved social and environmental impact. This, in turn, can lead to increased customer loyalty and a positive reputation.

What are the benefits of becoming a B-Corp?

Becoming a B-Corp can bring several benefits to a company. For example, by committing to social and environmental goals, companies can attract customers who are looking for products and services that align with their values. Additionally, by being transparent about their impact, companies can build trust with their customers and employees. Furthermore, being a B-Corp can also open up new business opportunities, as more and more organisations are looking to partner with companies that share their values.

Becoming a B Corp means your business is dedicated to being a purpose-led or mission-led organisation that prioritises people, planet and the wider community, alongside profit.

According to B Corp research, purpose-led business are achieving faster growth than non-purpose-led businesses
  • Purpose-led businesses are more confident in their growth across the next 6 months with 60% of companies feeling fairly or very confident about growth, compared to 44% of their counterparts.
  • Purpose-led businesses (24%) are 4x as likely to be providing additional support for underrepresented groups than non (6%).
  • Purpose-led businesses (65%) are 2.5x as likely to be mitigating financial challenges for workers than non (25%).
  • Mission-led businesses (53%) are over 3x as likely to provide non-monetary benefits for employees than non (15%).

Video from B Corp - What is a B Corp

How do we register as a B Corp and what is the verification process?

The B-Corp verification process is designed to ensure that companies meet certain performance standards in areas such as governance, workers, customers, community, and the environment. To become certified, companies must take a survey and meet a minimum score in each area, with a total minimum score of 80 points out of 200.

The survey assesses a company's performance in areas such as governance, workers, customers, community, and the environment. The certification process is rigorous and requires evidence submission, but it ensures that only companies that truly meet the standards of a B-Corp.

Only when your business has passed verification with a score of 80 or higher, are you able to use the B-Corp logo.

How can I integrate B-Corp values into business operations?

Integrating B-Corp values into business operations can be challenging, but it is essential for meeting performance standards and achieving the goals of a B-Corp. Strategies for integrating B-Corp values into business operations include implementing sustainable practices, engaging with the community, and aligning decision making with the company's values. For example, companies can reduce their carbon footprint by using renewable energy, or they can promote sustainable products and services. Additionally, they can engage with the community by volunteering, supporting local initiatives, or consulting with community members.

DiSRUPT Agency can help you learn more about and become part of the B Corp movement and how we are bringing B Corp values to recruitment and retention.

How can I promote and market becoming a B Corp UK Certified Businesses?

Once you achieve your B Corp certification, communicating your status is an important step. Companies can use marketing and branding strategies to highlight their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Emphasising your company's B-Corp certification or highlighting specific social and environmental initiatives that the company is involved in lets the world know your business is mission-led.

Using social media and other digital platforms to communicate your impact to help to build trust with customers and employees and promoting the B Corp brand has been proven help attract and retain a wider pool of talent.

Community engagement is also important aspect of being a B-Corp. Building a meaningful relationship with the communities a company serves can involve volunteer work, supporting local initiatives, or engaging in community consultation. By building trust with the community and creating a positive reputation for your company, it can lead to new business opportunities, as more and more organisations recognise the B Corp brand and values and are excited to work with its members.

What makes DiSRUPT Recruitment perfect for finding and placing B-Corp Jobs?

All of this can be overwhelming. Luckily, help is at hand! At DiSRUPT Agency, we’ve been through B Corp’s rigorous assessment and we’re here to help you do the same. We partner with planet-focused organisations such as Planet Mark - who can help you cut your carbon footprint, and B1G1 –a revolutionary giving charity that gives your business tangible data on the projects you impact.    

By signing up for a recruitment solution from DiSRUPT it also means you will get the chance to join Includability - The standard for inclusive workforces. You company will stand side by side with such household brand such as Mencap, Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC, Ellas Kitchen, B Corp, Ecologi, The Gym Group and ViacomCBS to name but a few.

Includability offers the chance to have a gentler approach to becoming a fully-transparent and inclusive business whilst offering a huge range of benefits, training and employer support.

Their verification process puts businesses on the road to becoming purpose-led by sharing diversity and inclusion, leadership and governance, mental health and wellbeing, sustainability, and recruitment and retention best practices. If your business needs more help and advice before taking on the daunting B Impact assessment, using a recruitment agency such as DiSRUPT, who are one the leading UK based, B-Corp Certified Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) experts, can offer a great way to help you through the B-Corp process.

Find out more information about the services and support DiSRUPT Recruitment Agency offers

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