DiSRUPT becomes Planet Mark certified for a fourth time

DiSRUPT Agency has become Planet Mark certified for the fourth year in a row after achieving an absolute carbon reduction of 33.4% compared to 2022.

Planet Mark
DiSRUPT becomes Planet Mark certified for a fourth time
DiSRUPT Agency

DiSRUPT achieves 33% footprint reduction in rebranding year

DiSRUPT achieves 33% footprint reduction in rebranding year

DiSRUPT Agency has become Planet Mark certified for the fourth year in a row after achieving an absolute carbon reduction of 33.4% compared to 2022.

Our reduction came in a year of big changes for our organisation including rebranding from Ellis Knight to DiSRUPT Agency, a move which saw us move our website hosting to a less carbon intensive provider. Moving to a smaller office space and becoming a home-working business, helped to cut our building footprint by over 50% and gave us a carbon reduction rate of 35.7% per employee compared to 2022.

We are incredibly proud to have achieved a total reduction of 82.1% of our carbon footprint since first certification year.

Emma Ruttle, Sustainability Manager at DiSRUPT said, “We are absolutely thrilled to be Planet Mark certified once again. A 33.4% absolute reduction is an excellent achievement, and we still want to do more. The Planet Mark team have been so supportive in what data they need from us and how we can improve our collection and monitoring systems, we couldn’t have done it without their support and guidance.”  

How does Planet Mark certification impact DiSRUPT’s business strategy?

Certification enables us to create a strong and transparent carbon reduction strategy we needed to build our knowledge and understand the numbers behind the science of the process. Our close partnership with Planet Mark has allowed us to understand our environmental strategy and advance our business.

We're now recognised as a sustainability game changer within our industry and enjoying steady growth as a result.

David Holby-Wolinski, Co-Founder of DiSRUPT, said, “To become Planet Mark certified four years running is an incredible achievement and such a wonderful testament to our team who continue to push us for better practice. We will always be inspired by other businesses within the Planet Mark community, we can learn so much from the example of others to do good with their businesses. We all have a collective responsibility to strive to make this world a better place for our children and the generations that will follow.”  

What is DiSRUPT’s carbon footprint?

As a business, DiSRUPT was calculated to have a total footprint of 9.1 tCO2e (location base) or 8.8 tCO2e (market base), that is an average of 1.2 tCO2e per employee. Our measured emissions equivalent to 8 flights from London to New York.

Broken down into our primary areas of measurement compared to last year’s measurements:

Footprint (tCO2e)             2023                     2022

Buildings                            4.4                        9.4                        

Business Travel                 1.7                         0.8                        

Homeworking                    2.5                         -

Waste                                 0.4                        3.4

Water                                 0.03                      0.05

Changing to a working from home model has resulted in our building emissions decreasing by 53%, waste emissions decreasing by 88% and water emissions decreasing by 28%.

We started our Planet Mark journey with a market base footprint of 49 tCO2e. We now have a total reduction of 82.1% of our carbon footprint since first certification year in 2019-20.

The quality of data provided to Planet Mark also increased this year to 20 out of 20 compared to our 2022 certification.

We first became Planet Mark certified in May 2020.

What are the Targets For Next Year?

We aim to reduce our overall carbon footprint by 0.5 tCO2e or greater (equivalent to 0.1 tCO2e per employee).

We can achieve this by engaging our employees in workshops and sustainability classes so they can manage and reduce their own footprints while working at home.

A new data collection and evidence filling system has been effective in collecting more accurate data. Further refinement of these processes and including further Scope 3 measurement criteria.

We are engaging with new partnerships which can help offset and reduce our carbon footprint. Engaging Carbon audit organisations will help us with our Scope 3 goals.  

Our new model has resulted in an increase in business travel by 108%. Travel remains our third largest contributor to our footprint and is apriority for reducing over the next reporting year.

What is DiSRUPT’s impact on the UN SDGs?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, are a collection of 17 interrelated goals set by the United Nations. They cover a broad range of social and economic development issues. These include poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, gender, equality, water, sanitation, energy.

By recertifying with Planet Mark this year, we have made 25 separate alignments over 9 of the 17 UN SDGs, with multiple impacts on Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation, Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production.

Our business impacts 4 further SDGs on a daily basis: Goal 1– No Poverty, Goal 5: Gender Equality, Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Goal 10 – Reduced Inequalities. We also impact Goal 2 – Zero Hunger and Goal 3 – Good Health and Wellbeing through our community partnerships and giving causes.  

Does DiSRUPT help clients become Planet Mark certified?

As the leading UK Ethical and Sustainable recruitment agency, DiSRUPT and our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) experts, can offer a to help you through the Planet Mark Process and introduce you to our partners who can help you on your sustainability journey.

As part of our full-service offering, we can help with your diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and wellbeing needs, and mental health first aid training.

We’ll happily tell you all about our journey too. Just give us a call!

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