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DiSRUPT B Corp Jobs UK is the premier online destination for finding the most rewarding and impactful career opportunities in B Certified companies across the United Kingdom. Our platform is dedicated to connecting passionate individuals with everything from ethical jobs, sustainability jobs, to social responsibility jobs in certified B Corporations. Join us in our mission to create a positive impact on society, the environment, and the economy by exploring a wide range of career options within this growing community of purpose-driven businesses. Discover your B Corp Job in the UK today and kick-start your journey towards a fulfilling career with a B Company that shares your values and commitment to making the world a better place.

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B Corp Job Board Candidate FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Got a question? We have the answers to a huge range of tantalising and exciting questions about recruitment, sustainability, being a B-corp, joining Planet Mark and how to become a more inclusive and diverse workplace. If its not there then just ask, we are here to help.

B Corp Job Board FAQs

What is a B Corp and why should I consider working for one?

B Corp Jobs

A B Corp, or Benefit Corporation, is a type of for-profit company that meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. By choosing to work for a B Corp, you will be contributing to a company that prioritises positive impact on society, the environment, and the economy, aligning with your values and making a difference in the world.

How do I find B Corp job listings on this job board?

B Corp Jobs

Our job board is designed to make it easy for you to find B Corp job listings. You can search for jobs using various filters such as location, industry, job function, or specific keywords related to the B Corp movement. Additionally, you can sign up for job alerts to receive notifications when new opportunities that match your criteria become available (via careers.wearedisrupt.co.uk)

Do I need any specific qualifications to work for a B Corp?

B Corp Jobs

While B Corps span a wide range of industries and job functions, there are no universal qualifications required to work for these companies. However, each job listing will have its own set of qualifications and requirements based on the role and the company. It's essential to carefully review the job description and ensure that you meet the necessary qualifications before applying.

Are there any fees associated with using this job board?

B Corp Jobs

Our B Corp job board is completely free for job seekers and for B Corp and B Corp Pending Companies. We believe that connecting passionate individuals with purpose-driven companies should be accessible to everyone, and we do not charge any fees for browsing or applying to job listings.

How do I apply for a job listed on this job board?

B Corp Jobs

To apply for a job, simply click on the job listing that interests you and follow the application instructions provided by the company. This may involve submitting an application directly through our job board or following a link to the company's website or email contact to apply there.

Can I submit my resume or CV to be considered for future B Corp job opportunities?

B Corp Jobs

Yes, you can create a profile on our job board at careers.wearedisrupt.co.uk and upload your resume or CV, making it visible to potential employers. By doing so, you increase your chances of being considered for future job opportunities with B Corps even if you're not actively searching for a job.

How can I stay informed about new B Corp job listings and updates?

B Corp Jobs

To stay informed about the latest B Corp job listings and updates, you can sign up for our email newsletter and follow us on social media. We regularly share new job opportunities, industry news, and valuable resources to help you stay ahead in your career journey.