Transforming your workplace through B Corp Supply Chain & Recruitment

B Corp certification isn't just about looking good on paper. It is vital that you have in place the pillars to ensure you develop and have a path for becoming an inclusive, mentally healthy, and sustainable solution.

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Transforming your workplace through B Corp Supply Chain & Recruitment

B Corp certification can give your workplace the purpose-driven edge and DiSRUPT is here to help you get started

B Corp certification isn't just about looking good on paper. It is vital that you have in place the pillars to ensure you develop and have a path for becoming an inclusive, mentally healthy, and sustainable solution.

What makes being a B Corp a better work environment?

Being a Certified B Corp can also create a fantastic work environment. Employees get that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing they're part of a company that values sustainability and social responsibility. That leads to happier, more motivated team members who stick around longer.

Another awesome benefit of being a B Corp is the sense of community. Certified businesses get to hang out with a network of other like-minded organisations, sharing ideas, best practices, and resources to help improve their social and environmental performance. For recruitment agencies, this is a game-changer, helping them make a real impact on their industry.

It takes a community to transform a business, so we built our own network

At DiSRUPT Agency we went one step further and created our own Community Network and Standard called Includability. Through this unique flagship community, we have a range of various sized businesses, educational settings and sports associations who have verified and have Committed Employer status. We took the best of B Corp and made it available for all. Through our Employer Support Groups, Benefits Scheme, Impact Rewards Programmes, Events, News, Media, and Resources we have one of the best networks in the world with expertise across all areas of D&I, Sustainability, Impact, Mental Health, Wellbeing and Veteran Support.

Talking about the effect DiSRUPT and Includability has had on traditional recruitment Maddie Cole, Resourcing Team Manager at DiSRUPT said:

"At DiSRUPT & Includability, we've reimagined the recruitment experience by infusing B Corp values into every step of the process. Our goal is to create a more nurturing, engaging, and meaningful experience for both clients and candidates. We're passionate about showing that recruitment can be fun, ethical, and focused on people's well-being while still delivering exceptional results. This fresh perspective has revolutionised the traditional RPO model, proving that when candidates are cared for and supported, the entire hiring process becomes more successful and satisfying for everyone involved."

In 2023 Includability became a B Corp Certified Business with a score of 143.2 making it one of the leading certified communities in the world.

Why DiSRUPT and Includability Joined the Better Business Act

As passionate advocates for responsible business, DiSRUPT Recruitment Agency and Includability have proudly committed to the Better Business Act. We believe in the power of business as a force for good, and we're committed to aligning our operations with the principles of social and environmental responsibility. Signing up for the Better Business Act underscores our commitment to balance purpose and profit. This Act seeks to change UK law, ensuring companies are responsible for their impact on people and the planet, and we couldn't be happier to be part of this significant movement. We are excited to continue our journey, driving change and redefining what success looks like in the business world.

Why Choose a B Corp Recruitment Agency?

Choosing to go B Corp means recruitment agencies can make smarter decisions that take social and environmental factors into account. This doesn't just tick the regulatory boxes – it helps them make a real impact on things like climate change, dwindling resources, and ever-changing regulations. B Corps are all about keeping it real by regularly reporting on their social and environmental performance, so everyone knows what's up.

B Corp certification is becoming a must-have for recruitment agencies that want to stay in the game and make a difference in a world that's hungry for ethical, responsible, and sustainable businesses. By embracing the B Corp movement, agencies like DiSRUPT Recruitment are revolutionising the industry and setting a new standard for awesomeness. Let's all jump on the B Corp bandwagon and be the change we want to see!

Don't miss out on the recruitment revolution! Experience how DiSRUPT Agency and other B Corp certified partners are changing the game in talent acquisition. Embrace the B Corp values and discover a new standard in recruitment that goes beyond profits, prioritising people, and the planet.

Ready to transform your organisation's hiring process for the better? Get in touch with DiSRUPT Agency today and join the movement towards a more sustainable, ethical, and impactful future in recruitment.

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