The Quick Guide to Charity Recruitment: Harnessing DiSRUPT's Expertise for Non-Profit Success

Learn how DiSRUPT Recruitment Agency, with its unique focus on charity recruitment, connects non-profits with passionate and skilled professionals, driving success and impact in the charitable sector.

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The Quick Guide to Charity Recruitment: Harnessing DiSRUPT's Expertise for Non-Profit Success

Charity Recruitment with DiSRUPT Recruitment Agency?

In the mission-driven world of non-profits, the challenge of securing the right talent is paramount. DiSRUPT Recruitment Agency, leveraging its unique partnership with Includability, stands at the forefront of this journey, offering unparalleled expertise in connecting charitable organisations with exceptional candidates. This guide explores our approach to charity recruitment, underscoring the importance of expertise, experience, authority, and trust in building effective teams within the non-profit sector.

Understanding Our Approach to Charity Recruitment

DiSRUPT Recruitment Agency, with its deep roots in the charity sector and as a B Corp, offers a specialised service tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of non-profits. Recognising the critical role of talent in driving impact, DiSRUPT employs a bespoke approach, blending deep sector insights with a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, courtesy of its collaboration with Includability.

Why Charities Choose DiSRUPT

  • Expertise in Charity & Non-Profit Hiring: DiSRUPT's team, enriched by direct experience in the charity sector, understands the nuanced challenges and needs unique to non-profits.
  • Access to a Wider Talent Pool: Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to inclusive hiring, DiSRUPT taps into a broad network of candidates passionate about making a difference.
  • Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: DiSRUPT streamlines the recruitment process, ensuring non-profits can find the right talent without diverting significant resources from their mission.

The Recruitment Process: DiSRUPT's Methodology

DiSRUPT's process is collaborative and comprehensive, starting with a deep dive into the non-profit's mission, culture, and needs. This foundation supports a targeted recruitment strategy, sourcing, and preliminary screenings, culminating in the facilitation of a perfect match between charities and candidates.

Roles Filled with Passion and Expertise

DiSRUPT specialises in a broad spectrum of positions, from executive to specialised roles like fundraising and marketing. The focus is always on aligning each role with the non-profit's overarching mission.

Types of Job Roles filled by DiSRUPT Recruitment in the Charity Sector

Executive and Leadership Roles

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Executive Director
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Program Director
  • Development Director

Board Positions

  • Board Chair
  • Board Treasurer
  • Board Secretary
  • Board Member at Large
  • Advisory Board Member

Data Management

  • Data Analyst
  • Database Manager
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Specialist
  • Impact Measurement Officer


  • Marketing Director
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Content Creator
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Manager

Communications and Digital

  • Communications Director
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Digital Communications Officer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Web Developer


  • Finance Director
  • Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Grants Officer
  • Payroll Specialist


  • IT Director
  • Network Administrator
  • IT Support Technician
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Systems Engineer

Human Resources (HR)

  • HR Director
  • Recruitment Officer
  • HR Generalist
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Diversity and Inclusion Manager

Administration and Office

  • Office Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Executive Assistant
  • Facilities Manager

Navigating Recruitment Challenges with DiSRUPT

DiSRUPT adeptly addresses common recruitment challenges for non-profits, such as budget constraints, the need for diverse skills, and the quest for mission-driven candidates, leveraging its expertise and expansive network.

Selecting DiSRUPT: A Partnership for Impact

Choosing DiSRUPT means opting for an agency that not only understands the charity sector's intricacies but also shares your commitment to social impact and inclusivity, as demonstrated through its B Corp & Includability partnerships.

Success Stories and Future Trends

DiSRUPT's success stories highlight transformative partnerships with non-profits, showcasing the agency's role in shaping the future of charity recruitment, with a keen eye on emerging technologies and inclusive practices.

The Role of Technology and Inclusion in Recruitment

DiSRUPT embraces cutting-edge technologies and platforms to enhance recruitment efficiency and outreach. From our Video Interview technology to its custom ATS systems. Simultaneously, its commitment to diversity and inclusion, enriched by the Includability collaboration, ensures a comprehensive and welcoming approach to talent acquisition.

FAQs on DiSRUPT's Charity Recruitment

How does DiSRUPT tailor its recruitment process for charities?

DiSRUPT customises its recruitment approach for each charity by first understanding the organisation's unique mission, culture, and specific needs. This involves in-depth consultations to capture the essence of what the charity is seeking in potential candidates, not just in terms of skills and experience, but also in alignment with the organisation's values and goals. DiSRUPT then crafts a bespoke recruitment strategy that includes targeted sourcing, comprehensive screening processes, and a supportive selection framework, ensuring that candidates not only fit the role technically but are also passionate about contributing to the non-profit's mission.

What types of roles can DiSRUPT help fill within my non-profit?

DiSRUPT is equipped to assist in filling a wide range of roles within the non-profit sector, from executive and leadership positions to specialised roles such as fundraising, marketing, project management, and more. The agency understands the diverse skill sets required in the non-profit world and leverages its extensive network to find candidates who can fulfill these roles effectively, driving your organisation's mission forward.

How does DiSRUPT ensure a candidate's alignment with our mission and values?

Ensuring a candidate's alignment with your mission and values is central to DiSRUPT's recruitment process. This is achieved through a combination of meticulous candidate vetting, in-depth interviews, and behavioral assessment techniques designed to gauge not only a candidate's professional capabilities but also their personal commitment to your cause. DiSRUPT also values open dialogue with candidates about your non-profit's goals and the impact you aim to achieve, ensuring mutual fit and long-term engagement.

What strategies does DiSRUPT employ to promote diversity and inclusion in recruitment?

DiSRUPT places a strong emphasis on promoting diversity and inclusion within the recruitment process, recognising the value that diverse perspectives and backgrounds bring to the non-profit sector. Strategies include proactive sourcing from a wide array of networks and communities, implementing bias-free recruitment practices, and offering inclusive job descriptions and advertisements to attract a broad spectrum of candidates. In partnership with Includability, DiSRUPT also ensures ongoing training for its team on diversity and inclusion best practices, ensuring that these principles are deeply ingrained in every step of the recruitment process.


In the dynamic landscape of non-profit work, DiSRUPT Recruitment Agency emerges as a beacon of expertise, experience, and dedication. Through its specialised approach to charity recruitment and its strategic partnership with Includability, DiSRUPT not only connects charities with the talent they need to thrive but also advances the sector towards greater inclusivity and impact. Embracing DiSRUPT's services means taking a significant step towards fulfilling your non-profit's mission with a team that shares your passion and commitment to change.

Expertise in Charity Recruitment

Our accolades speak volumes. As a B Corp and CSRA Gold accredited agency, we're recognised for our ethical, socially responsible practices. Our specialised teams have in-depth knowledge of every part within the charity & non-profit sector, ensuring precision in every placement.

Why Choose DiSRUPT for Charity Recruitment?

  • Market Leaders: Recognised as innovators in Charity recruitment.
  • Ethical & Socially Responsible: Our B Corp status drives our commitment to betterment.
  • Supported by Includability: Our dedication to diversity and inclusion is unwavering.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: We're not just about filling positions; we're about building futures.

The DiSRUPT Charity Recruitment Offering

  • Unmatched Flexibility: Choose from Full RPO, Project RPO, or tailored single-role agreements, designed to meet your unique recruitment needs.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Enjoy zero setup and monthly fees with our Outsourced Recruitment (RPO) model. Our transparent pricing activates only upon successful start dates.
  • Comprehensive Insights: Benefit from detailed weekly reports, monthly meetings, and quarterly in-person reviews for full oversight and transparency. Stay informed with useful data at every step.
  • Inclusive Recruitment: Gain exclusive access to Includability, the hub for Inclusive Organisations. Join a certified standard and network committed to balancing profit with people and the planet, boasting B Corp and Planet Mark certifications.
  • Purpose-Driven Talent Acquisition: Experience unparalleled recruiting tailored for values-driven businesses and those transitioning to a more purposeful approach. We prioritise matching you with individuals who embody your values and drive growth.
  • Ironclad Guarantee: Enjoy peace of mind with our 100% guarantee on every invoice, from a new starter's first day to successfully passing probation.
  • Transparent Pricing: With clear pricing starting at 15% for roles and just 3% for internal referrals/direct approaches, ensure equitable processes without the burden of excessive fees.
  • Impactful Partnerships: Make a difference with our unique recruitment process that delivers impact through partnerships with B1G1, Charity:Water, Ecologi, and Carma. Discover the significant impact you can achieve as our client.
  • Efficient Video Interviewing: Save your hiring managers' valuable time with our advanced two-way video interviewing technology.
  • Global Leadership in CSR: Proud to be the only recruitment company globally to earn B Corp, Planet Mark, and Gold CSR accreditation.
  • Beyond Recruitment: Access additional support services (fees apply) to enhance your recruitment function, including hiring manager training, careers website development, ATS integration, and building comprehensive recruitment and retention strategies.

Ready to Experience the DiSRUPT Difference?

Don't settle for ordinary. Partner with DiSRUPT, the market-leading charity recruitment agency in delivering solutions across London and the UK for Charities and Non-Profits. Let us guide you to success with our innovative, ethical, and socially responsible approach.

Whether you're a new or existing client, a member of Includability, or you found us via a search on the internet, we're excited to connect with you.

Reach out to us directly at +44118 3042 855, or drop us an email at We look forward to collaborating with you to positively disrupt the norms of recruitment.

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