Catch Up on May's Includability Employer Support Group (ESG) 2023

Dive into Includability's special May edition ESG podcast on Mental Health. Featuring industry experts Michael Lloyd, Sacha Harvey, Gunraj Arora, and Daniel Wilshire, with the event presented by Dave and Paul from Includability. Immerse in enlightening discussions and gain crucial insights into workplace wellbeing. Listen now on YouTube or Spotify.

Includability ESG Webinar
Catch Up on May's Includability Employer Support Group (ESG) 2023
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Unfolding the Importance of Mental Health: Insightful Conversations from Includability's May ESG

Catch Up on May's Includability Employer Support Group (ESG) 2023

🎉🎈Hello everyone and welcome to the star-studded episode of our Includability Employer Support Group (ESG), ready to be devoured on YouTube and Spotify! This month, we're diving deep into the crucial topic of Mental Health.💡🧠


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⚡Get ready to be awestruck by our league of extraordinary speakers, who are all set to fire wisdom rockets your way! Taking the lead, we've got Michael Lloyd 🚀, the powerhouse behind the Workplace Mental Health Charter™, set to unveil the secrets of prioritizing mental health at work.

🔥On his tail, we have the extraordinary Sacha Harvey, People Director at Lucky Saint | B Corp™, who's all about the perfect blend of business and wellness.

Then, brace yourselves for the mesmerizing Gunraj Arora 👏, a Coach, Facilitator, Mindfulness Practitioner, and Lawyer. His holistic approach will equip you with the arsenal you need to boost your mental wellbeing.

🎹And there's more! Daniel Wilshire, the ingenious Director at Damaged Goods Co. will take the stage. Spoiler alert: his piano skills are as mind-blowing as his business prowess!

🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️Finally, our very own superheroes, Dave and Paul from Includability, will be orchestrating this spectacular event. They'll not only introduce these amazing speakers but also sprinkle their own wisdom into the mix.

🎧So, strap in and prepare for an enlightening voyage in this special May edition of our Includability ESG. Hit that play button on YouTube or Spotify, and let's dive into this ocean of wisdom together! 💖 And remember, mental health matters today, tomorrow, and every day after that. Enjoy the journey! 🎉

And remember, after your rendezvous, make your way to for more! See how Includability can guide your organisation towards more diverse, inclusive, and mentally healthy environments. 💪🚀 Don't just be a part of the change, lead it!

🏁🎉 Visit Includability now! 🌐✨

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