EllisKnight International Recruitment B Corp Rebrands as DiSRUPT Agency

As part of our continued growth over nearly 10 years as an ethical recruitment agency we have been developing support services through Includability – The Home of Committed Employers and solutions to help our clients across the key areas of socially responsible recruitment.

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EllisKnight International Recruitment B Corp Rebrands as DiSRUPT Agency
DiSRUPT Agency

DiSRUPT Expands Services to Ethical Inclusion & Client Community

EllisKnight International Recruitment B Corp is proud to announce we have rebranded to DiSRUPT Agency as of January 2023.

As part of our continued growth over nearly 10 years as an ethical recruitment agency we have been developing support services through Includability – The Home of Committed Employers and solutions to help our clients across the key areas of socially responsible recruitment.

We are thrilled to be offering new client services as DiSRUPT Agency including working with employers committed to strong values in diversity & inclusion, mental health and talent management, by helping them to increase employee retention rates and offering greater community support services.

Patrick Graham, Co-Founder of DiSRUPT Agency said

“We are so excited to be rebranding as DiSRUPT! We now can positively impact more people with the new DiSRUPT offering coupled with the Includability community and benefits we offer. Through our innovative approach we have always seen ourselves as a positive disruptor in the recruitment sector. We are proud to take all we have learned from being the first ever Planet Mark and B Corp Certified Recruitment agency and develop that it to a purpose-led, sustainable business that our clients and candidates trust. I can’t wait to take the next part of our journey together.”

What does DiSRUPT Agency offer?

DiSRUPT Agency have created a range of customisable options for recruitment. Through DiSRUPT RPO, Project and On-Demand there is a recruitment option for any size of organisation from SMEs, Start-ups and Scaleups to B Corps and B Corp Pending organisations.

Every RPO offering will be given access to Includability and our support services powered by leaders in the areas of diversity and Inclusion, sustainability & impact, well-being and B Corp certification.

Added to this every RPO candidate will be supported through Mental Health Training meaning both client and candidates will have access to the very best support network.

Recruitment is about way more than just attracting talent. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services isn’t for quick fixes or one-off hires. DiSRUPT Agency are with you all the way, our talent experts will get to know your organisation, prioritising your values while protecting and promoting your employer brand.

As recruiting specialist, we offer a socially responsible approach to outsourced recruitment, pairing the industry’s most advanced, integrated technology with important moments of human interaction. You will have high-quality candidates at the speed and scale you need them, all while satisfying both the applicants and hiring managers.

There is no comparable service available!

Why use DiSRUPT Recruitment Agency B Corp?

At DiSRUPT, we understand more candidates are prioritising company values as they look for their dream employer. As an agency, we partner with amazing organisations that help businesses improve their diversity and inclusion (employee wellbeing, mental health, sustainability) policies to attract a wider pool of talent.      

DiSRUPT is one of the most unique RPO recruitment firms because of our amazing sustainability partnerships that help organisations improve their sustainability policies to attract a wider pool of talent.

We love that we are B Corp certified and already partner with other incredible Certified B Corps.

We are also Planet Mark certified and Certified and not only do we want to be as sustainable as possible, but we also love sharing best practice as part of our service.

We built and created Includability - The Home of Inclusive Organisations which now has the best community for raising sustainable and inclusive workplace standards. We offer clients access to the Includability community as part of our service.

That’s where we differ from other recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) companies, we match candidates to your values, and we can help your business partner with great communities that provide best practice methodology needed to fulfil your business requirements.

Where does DiSRUPT Agency operate?

DiSRUPT is a UK wide recruitment organisation. We are an RPO, Project and On-demand recruiter that can act as an extension of a company’s HR or resourcing function, providing values-based services to all corners of the country.

How will DiSRUPT Agency incorporate Includability?

Every client that signs up to DiSRUPT will be invited to undertake the Includability 5 Star Verification process and join as Includability Committed Employers. This will involve exploratory contact with Includability’s verification partners seeking commitments on implementing policies around the fields of diversity & inclusion, mental health & employee wellbeing, talent management, leadership & governance, and overall sustainability practices.

Completion of the Includability verification process will mean access to a wide community of purpose-lead employers willing to share knowledge and experience in a wide variety of topics that benefit the people in the workplace.

Includability also offer employers a wide range of discounts on specialist consultant services, community events and free resources designed to increase overall business sustainability, employee retention rates and satisfaction, and provide access to B Corps for advising employers starting their own journey.

What are DiSRUPT’s vision and values?

VISION: DiSRUPT will empower 1000 UK clients to become great places to work that positively impact people and planet every year!

DiSRUPT’s values are intrinsically linked to the UN SDG’s and we are proud to have made 1000’s of positive impacts to our ESG value each year.

  • DiSRUPT is committed to creating a more inclusive, diverse and sustainable organisation including offsetting every candidate’s Carbon Footprint for the first 12 months through Ecologi.
  • With high expectations of what we do, and the significance of the service we provide, we work with clients that share our values and set targets for change but also offer the ability to support an organisation as they evolve helping create the workplace ethos that employees and clients are looking for.

Paul Smith Co-Founder of DiSRUPT Agency Said

“We will continue to be the award-winning, ethical recruiter that delivers for our clients and candidates. We can now take that so much further by offering employers the sum of the knowledge we have acquired, and access to the amazing partnerships we have made, part of our service. Let’s put people and planet first! When we do that, workplaces become more inclusive, employees are happier, retention rates go up and costs come down. All from disrupting the current process in recruitment.”

If you are a purpose driven business, a values-driven business, an ethical business, or a fellow B Corp Certified business, come and join us – we will do great things together.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your organisations grow and promote the values of B Corp through an effective recruitment process.

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